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Outstanding Customer Service at Reasonable Prices for
SAAB and Other Special Interest Automobiles

SAAB 900 (1979-1998)

SAAB 9000 (1986-1998)

The Vintage SAAB 900 & 9000 Series: Autohaus' SAAB-trained technician has the mechanical ability and experience to maintain your vintage SAAB to the highest standards. The 900 and 9000 were designed to be among the top cars in their class, delivering outstanding all around handling and performance. They are fun to drive, tough and durable. With proper maintenance, they will give decades of reliable service. Regardless of the year and model you own, we can provide the level of service you expect, whether a routine tune-up, a major overhaul, or a new top for your convertible. We have reasonably priced parts for every system in your car and can get SAAB 900 and 9000 accessories to make your car the show car you want it to be. Stop in to get acquainted.

SAAB 9-3 (since 1999)
SAAB 9-5 (since 1999)

The New SAAB 9-3 & 9-5 Series: Autohaus has the test equipment and SAAB technician training necessary to maintain your 9-3 or 9-5. You bought your SAAB because of the performance, handling, and safety it offers. Keeping all of the systems in top condition is important to long-term satisfaction. We understand this because we, too, are car enthusiasts. We can help you maintain it to the highest standards at prices suited to your budget so that it will give you decades of reliable and enjoyable service. Stop in to get acquainted and see our spotless shop equipped with the latest in maintenance technology.

Other Special Interest Automobiles: Our customers trust us with such fine automobiles as BMW, Porsche, Audi, Lexus, Infinity, and Ferrari. Below is a list of our customers' cars that reflects the variety of automobiles we maintain. Keeping all of the systems in your special vehicle in top condition is important to long-term satisfaction and driving enjoyment. Our test equipment is able to diagnose most systems of these cars and we have the experience necessary for both routine maintenance and specialized repair challenges. We can provide hard-to-find tires for your special car at very attractive prices and have the latest in tire mounting technology to mount tires on your valuable custom rims. Stop in to get acquainted, see our spotless shop equipped with the latest in maintenance technology. Let us help you achieve the pride of ownership your special vehicle can deliver.

About Autohaus Unlimited: We opened our doors in 2000 with a simple idea: provide car enthusiasts with outstanding service at a reasonable prices. That's exactly what we've been doing ever since. Dependable service for special interest automobiles is important to continued satisfaction and pride of ownership, and that's Autohaus' mission..

Like most of our customers, we are auto enthusiasts and understand that an automobile is more than just transportation. Our special interest automobiles are a source of identity and pride for us as we are sure they are for you. Check out our Autohaus Unlimited Gallery for photos of the cars we own and enjoy.

We build relationships with our clients because we share your interest in special vehicles and bring our refined skills to each unique automotive challenge.

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